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5dimes.eu Casino has plenty to throw your way today

5dimes casino

Many online gambling sites feature an online sportsbook, along with an online casino, poker site and perhaps an online bingo site.


No website I have ever come across contains all these sites and more.  Until now.


Introducing 5dimes.eu, the one online gambling site that truly does have it all.  5dimes.eu comes fully equipped with an online sportsbook, a racebook, a lottery site, a poker site and skilled games page and no less than three online casinos.  Yes, three.


The three online casinos are 5dimes.eu are made up of a bonus casino, a matchplay casino, and a live dealer casino.  The matchplay casino is in essence, the standard online casino.  It has within its realm everything that you might expect to find from an online casino, it is the norm.


The live dealer casino, as one might imagine contains live gamers for playing against other top players in an online tournament format.  This is where the real riches can be had, if you play your cards (or roulette) right.  So what of the bonus casino.  What is such a thing?  5dimes.eu's bonus casino is designed to give you the best chance of winning of any online casino on the net.  Just listen to the payout percentages if you don't believe them.


Blackjack pays out roughly 98% of the time, table games at 98% and slots at 96%.  Playing video poker will lead to victory approximately 98% of the time, and wins in other skilled games are often, with payouts occurring 96% of the time.  Generally, the payout percentage at 5dimes.eu's bonus casino is 98.7% of the time.


The various websites run by 5dimes Casino are constantly maintained and checked for their fairness factor by independent auditors and the site has a RTP certificate by Certified Fair Gambling.


Whilst it is true that not all of 5dimes.eu's online gambling sites offer those extraordinary payout percentages, the bonus casino does, and that is where everyone should be playing.  Everybody who ever wants to win, that is!

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