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Bodog’s Friend Referral Bonus Explained

Bodog Casino

There is no joy better than sharing wealth with friends.


Getting it back as a reward for doing the same is just awesome. Unfortunately, this kind of a situation is very rare. Imagine if you can give your friends a good tip and be rewarded for it with some great prizes. Usually, people just get the goodwill of their friends as a reward for pointing them in the right direction. Bodog casino bucks the trend and takes pride in doing the same.


Help your friends:


If you have already become hooked onto the kind of casino games that Bodog casino provides to its esteemed customers then you should share the joy with your buddies and friends. You can do this simply by referring your friends to us and telling them what a wonderful time you are having playing the different games of Bodog Casino.


Refer them and reap rich dividends:


Although just seeing your friends happy may be enough for you, it would not be the only thing that you get from referring them to Bodog casino. Bodog appreciates your hard work in promoting the games. As a result of this, Bodog would give you referral bonuses as soon as your friends make their first deposit.


Up to 30 pounds (or U.S. Dollars equivalent) referral bonus for each friend you refer:


As stated earlier, the moment your friend logs in and deposits money, you would get a referral bonus in your account. This referral bonus would be 20 percent of the amount of money that your friend has deposited and you can earn anything up to 30 Pounds. Effectively, the more friends you refer or the more money they deposit, the larger your referral bonus is going to be.


Spread your referral code now:


There are three ways through which you can have your friends join Bodog casino through you and all of them involve a code that will be your referral code. The first method is that you send your friend an email which will carry a link with your referral code. The second method is that you give your friends your referral code and have them enter it before they make a deposit for the first time in Bodog. In fact, you can print cards with your referral code on them or even download a button for your website. This button would directly lead the person to Bodog where he or she can join and deposit money.

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