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Casino Slots | Bodog Online Casino Launches New Slots

Online Casino powerhouse Bodog launches new slots in play for free and play for real money versions.


Some readers told us that playing online at Bodog Casino is like being in Las Vegas with the added advantage that traveling is not required.


The Bodog Online Casino, currently offering more than 70 games to its community of players, launches its newest 20-Line Slot Machines featuring play for free and play for real money versions.


Hard to disagree with Bodog Casino marketing people who claim to have some of the best online slot games. In fact, there are dozens of Casino slots types to choose from: the newest 20 line, multi-denominational slot machines, Three-Reel standard slot machines, and Five-Reel 9 line Video Slots with Progressive Jackpots.


Today we study three of Bodog's Casino best slots: the brand new Hydro HeatTM, Summer dream, and the traditional Triple 7 Inferno.


Hydro HeatTM takes players to an exciting world of boat racing and competition. This game presents the fastest boats and the fiercest competition of money one can think of. Players enter the Hydro Heat Race Bonus by getting three scatter symbols.


Choose your favorite boat, and watch your winnings multiply. During a series of free spins, all the Race Boats will fight to the finish line. Choosing the most heated boat will take the player to the finish line.


Hydro HeatTM is an All Pays video slot game where adjacent reels pay from left to right. The Hydro Heat Race Bonus offers a contest where the chosen boat can create the highest winning multipliers based upon how the feature ends.


To celebrate the launch of Hydro HeatTM, Bodog Casino offers every player the chance to win cash prizes. Receive one ticket to a £5,000 prize draw for every 500 spins or win a £500 cash prize by hitting the 100,000th milestone spin. Click here to learn more about Hydro HeatTM.


Summer Dream is a slot paradise boasting beautiful girls and bonus features. 30 pay lines are in play for more action and higher prizes, and 1 to 5 coins can be wagered per line. The game includes a Wild symbol that - besides replacing other game symbols - can trigger MegaWild, where each symbol on the third pay line is Wild. Players have the opportunity to participate in two bonus rounds - the extremely hot Summer Girls and the colorful Shoppy Cheer.


Third and final, Triple 7 Inferno are a 3-reel game, and the pay table displays on the machine. This ever-green Casino slot It may be played in denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. Three Flameballs on top of three red 7’s is the highest payout for this 3-Reel classic. The payouts vary according to the number of coins bet, and one can find the pay table posted instantly on the machine. In order to get the most payout, one must gamble 3 coins.

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