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Casino Strategies: Win when losing

Wheel Of Fortune

Have you ever wished for a way through which you can get odds in your favour so that when you win you get a large amount and you lose only a small amount if the opposite happens?


This is something that every serious gambler has wished for, at some stage in his life. For a gambler, nothing can be worse than to play his heart out and have nothing to show for it in the end. If you have ever been in this situation then you need to know about the rollover cashback promotions of different websites.


You get some money even if you lose.


The concept of rollover cashback is based upon the house returning a certain amount or percentage of the money lost by the player. What this means on the ground is that even if you do not make any profit from the time you spend playing in the casino, you will still be entitled to a certain percent of the money you have lost as cashback.


Stan James casino allows a whopping 30 percent cashback.


When you avail the rollover cashback promotion offered by Stan James casino, you would be entitled to an unbelievable 30 percent of the amount of money that you have lost while playing in the last three days. Effectively, if you are on a run of bad luck, you will still not lose everything that you put in. In fact, if you play consistently for three days, you stand to get a bonus of up to 350 Pounds.


All you have to do is play.


In order to be eligible for such cashback offers, all you will have to do is continue playing your heart out. On the first day of your playing, you would be entitled to 10 percent of your total loss with a limit being set on 50 Pounds. Losses in the second day would result in you pocketing 20 percent up to 100 Pounds. Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to lose for three days in a row, then Stan James casino understands your pain. Hence, on the third day, you can get up to 30 percent of your losses returned to you until the cap of 200 Pounds.


Make your own luck.


Even if lady luck is not showing any benevolence towards you, you can easily plod through the period with the help of Stan James casino’s rollover cashback guarantee of 30 percent.



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