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Online Casino - The Myth of No Deposit Bonus

Let's face it: no deposit online casino bonus is just like the myth of free money; It simply doesn't exist in reality.


And when it does, it's the red flag every gambler should watch out for.


Casino bonus is a simple and effective marketing device used by online casinos to bring in new customers; and it's a safe shortcut to starting to build your wagering bankroll. So If you want to make some quick cash, hunting for a casino bonus is a good way to do that.


Simply put, a casino bonus is an amount of money that an online casino adds to a depositing member's playing account.


There are two common types of casino bonuses: The most common type of online casino bonus is a deposit matching bonus, where you do need to deposit your own money but then have the opportunity to have an equal amount of bonus money added to your playing account.


Another form of online casino bonus is the variable bonus, this signifies you get a definite percent of the sum you deposit which can range anywhere between 10% and 50%.


Whether you go for a high maximum casino bonus or a high percentage match will depend on the amount you wish to deposit in your online gambling account.


And then there is Loserville: the no deposit casino bonus is offered to those players commonly referred to as "degenerates" to keep them attracted to the game. Our sound advise is to quit gambling altogether when you start being offered no deposit bonuses. They are the red flag telling you that you are a big loser.


The number one factor internet casino players look to review and comparison sites is to collect information about, and compare, online casinos and their bonus offers, which is probably the reason that brought you to our site in the first place. For your convenience and peace of mind you can visit the Casino Bonus Offer page to browse offers exclusive to our readers.


However you may wish to compare online casino sites before comparing their bonus offer first. Because online casino games can be played by anyone even without going out of their homes building knowledge about which are reputable online casinos is of paramount importance. One alternative to do so is to be accustomed to the new trend of online gambling, equip yourself with right know-how and awareness about online casinos. In this respect our easy-to-use casino comparison page provides you with all the tools you need to make a knowledgeable and independent decision.


From slot machines, roulettes, blackjack, online poker and just about any casino game you can recapture, an online casino most entirely has them all. In fact casino slots are amongst the popular online games that are played online. Please remember that working out which online casino has the best bonus schemes can make a big difference to an online gambler's profits. So don't forget to check our Casino Bonus Offer page featuring special bonuses exclusive to our readers.


Finally I would like to remind you one last golden rule. Experienced players know it's impossible to win each time on an online casino site, despite the fact of what game you decide on. With online casino slot machines now considered one of the highest paying jackpot games it is important to plan ahead and build a winning bankroll strategy carefully in order to make the most out of your hard earned cash. In this respect a good (and completely free) starting point is our Online Casino Tutorial. Check it out, it may help you maximize your winnings. Good luck.

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