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Blackjack tournaments are a plenty at Bookmaker.eu

play blackjack at Bookmaker Casino

There is no better place where to play blackjack tournaments than at Bookmaker Casino, the online casino of Bookmaker.eu.


This online gambling site offers up to five (sometimes more) live blackjack tournaments each and every day from their domain, as well as hosting seven variations of the classic card game for you to play against the dealer with.


Bookmaker.eu has both single and multi tournaments running all day, every day at their online gambling site and players can join in the fun with these cunning competitions at any time, and at will.


The single player challenges involves pitting all your blackjack know how against another real-life player, with the dealer simply dealing, and not participating in the game in anyway, short of dealing the cards that is.


This type of tournament offered by Bookmaker dictates that the winner of the game will be the player with the most chips, when all the others have fallen.  If they have of course, after the standard duration of ten rounds is complete.


Bookmaker.eu's other kind of blackjack tournaments are called multi tournaments and these are where the real big fish play.  This is where the real money is to be had as these kind of tournaments involves a payout purse, or a prize purse if you will.


The multi tournaments involve the promotion of players to higher tables depending of course on how well they play.  The more successful the player, the higher the stakes will be at the table he or she is currently sitting at.


If you don't find yourself that eager to play with real players then Bookmaker Casino has something for you too.  On the site there are seven variations of the classic card game that involve you going head to head with the dealer instead of real live players.  This type of game has its advantages and disadvantages.  For one, you won't lose insatiable amounts of money in tournaments, though neither will you win incredible amounts either.


The seven variations of blackjack on offer at Bookmaker.eu's Casino include both high and low betting games of Spanish and Switch Blackjack, both single and multi-hand six deck blackjack card games as well double exposure blackjack.  All of these blackjack variations have a minimum bet, or a floor of $1 per hand, whilst the maximum bet, or ceiling varies between $50, $100 or $250 per hand, depending on what type of game you are currently invested in.


Bookmaker.eu could rightly call themselves the kings of blackjack, and with something for every type of blackjack player on the net here, that claim wouldn't be disputed very much. In fact, Bookmaker is the ideal site where to play blackjack online.


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