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It is time to play Blackjack with Bookmaker.eu

Play Blackjack at Bookmaker Online Casino

Online Casino Bookmaker.eu is well known among players for their card games.



The Bookmaker online casino site  has a whole range of fantastic blackjack card games for new games to play.  There are seven variations of the game on offer in the casino section.


Six deck multi-hand blackjack is the first, with minimum and maximum bets consisting of $1-$250.   Also playable at Bookmaker Casino is six deck single-hand, with the same betting limits.  Double exposure blackjack is a game that has a betting range of $1-$50 per hand along with Spanish blackjack and Switch blackjack.


There is also another variation of Spanish blackjack that will allow you to raise the maximum bet to $100, and lastly a high rolling version of Switch blackjack too, with exactly the same raised ceiling of one hundred dollars.


The real blackjack treat at Bookmaker online casino comes in the form of their plentiful Bookmaker blackjack tournaments.  The blackjack tournaments at this online gambling site are played against other players in the site, with the house as dealer.  Obviously, the winner of the tournament is the last player standing with the most chips to his or her name.


Single player tournaments are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and feature both one on one play and sit and go tables for budding blackjack players to play at.  Each tournament is generally scheduled for a total of ten rounds of the famous card game.


Bookmaker.eu also houses multi tournaments at their online gambling site.  These multi tournaments allow players to advance and be promoted to various levels depending on how skilful and successful they are and feature a prize purse instead of individual funds.


The multi tournaments are in short, the real way to play blackjack and reserved only for the most adventurous of players.


There are generally at least five blackjack tournaments a day at Bookmaker online casino, although this does vary.  A full of scheduled tournaments can be found on the Bookmaker.eu website, under the casino tab by clicking on the blackjack tournaments and scheduled tournaments buttons.


If you've got an ace up your sleeve, then you should definitely try your hand at Bookmaker's online blackjack games and online blackjack tournaments.

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