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Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre Beaten, Mugged by Two Polish Babes

A night of fun with two beautiful girls turned into a nightmare for Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre, as he was beaten and mugged in Poland.


Better known as "Dennis the Menace" of Online Gambling, Ayre's renowned attraction for beautiful female companions got him in trouble during his recent visit to Krakow, Poland.


"I have just been mugged in Krakow," Ayre reveals in an interview appearing on Sunday's edition of The Observer. "I spent two days in my hotel room waiting for a flight back to England. I am never going back."


According to Ayre's recollection, two particularly sexy girls convinced him into entering a secluded bar. Once inside the two babes vanished while a gang of thugs came out of nowhere, beating the Canadian Billionaire to the ground.


Beaten by a gang of body builders, Calvin Ayre was then dragged to a nearby ATM and forced to withdraw money with his cards. The thugs, unaware of his true identity, grabbed the money and fled the scene.


The colorful child prodigy of the online gambling industry is not new to extreme moments. True to the eclectic characteristics of his Zodiac sign, Gemini, Ayre is a living collection of anecdotes.


In the late 90's, Calvin decided it was time to join the new big game, online gambling. He created the alias Cole Turner and created Bodog, probably the most recognized brand in the online gambling industry. He started the new project with US $10,000 in 1999. By 2005, Bodog was generating a combined turnover of US $7.3 billion.


While still hiding behind his alias, he went missing during a trip to Cambodia. For weeks people feared the worst. Rumors of his kidnapping by a rebel faction of the Khmer Rouge had online gambling tabloids pour thousands of words. In true Calvin Ayre style, he resurfaced as if nothing had happened, after spending quality time with Asian massage-parlor girls.


Regenerated by his visit to Asia, Calvin Ayre came back to his residence in Costa Rica, dropped his alias, and decided to make himself one of the most wanted men in the Americas. "Cyber bookie Calvin Ayre sticks it to Uncle Sam: catch me if you can" headlined Forbes Magazine, estimating Calvin's net worth to over US $1 billion. That was more than enough to make him uncle Sam's most wanted offshore bookie. Needless to say, Calvin avoids setting foot in the good old U.S. of A. or anywhere near its territories.


Thankfully for him, neither the two Polish babes or their thugs friends ever read Forbers, or things would have gone quite differently in Krakow.


Guess what was Calvin's plan to get over the Polish Scare? He flew to Dublin, Ireland, and invited 50 babes to his birthday party. "One for each year," he told The Observer. We do not know if it is because of the beating, the mugging, the scare, forgetting viagra in krakow, or all of the above; whatever the reason, Calvin candidly admits to having sex with only two of the 50 babes in attendance.


Sex debacle or not, Calvin stays relentless. As soon as he sobered up from the consequences of his birthday party he flew to Scotland, where he attended the launch of his latest sponsorship, Scottish Football team Ayr United. Needless to say two of the four girls surrounding Calvin were topless, the team's new football jerseys merely painted on their bodies. This is 100% Calvin Style.


Picture: Copyright Marc Roseblade


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