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Dancing With the Stars Big Return

Dancing with the stars

Dancing With The Stars has made it's big return tonight.


The show that tangos, chachas and stumbles it's way into the heats and living rooms of millions did not fail to disappoint.  In true Dancing fashion, the season 12 premiere was a great intro to a promising season.  The slew of dare I say, B-list stars were filled with personality and had their share of entertaining missteps.


The biggest (no pun intended) star of the night was Kirstie Alley, who shocked the audience with a notable weight loss and stellar moves. Kirstie told partner, Maksim, she's a self-proclaimed "a Dancing With the Stars ho." If there is one thing Alley knows how to do it's work a stage and clock the laughs. The unlikely hopeful delighted judges, scoring well and getting great feedback on her style.


“”Psycho Mike” who you may remember/forget from Loveline with Dr. Drew was slightly laughable with stiff moves that rivalled Kate Gosselin and reminded us all why watching Bristol Palin was funny and sad all at once. Classifying Mike as a celebrity was a bit of a stretch and makes me wonder if Dina Lohan was unavailable this season.


WWE star Chris Jericho was surprisingly decent, yet the image of the muscular wrestler fox trotting seems a little too jokey to really take home the title. The judges felt the whole thing was unsteady and I can't say I disagree.


Former Karate Kid, Ralph Machio, may win a separate award for discovering the fountain of youth. The 49 year old actor has hardly aged a day since “wax on, wax offing” his way to the stuff of an American Film Classic. Ralph scored well with the judges and though he needs to watch his overall posture, his moves were on point and his performance definitely had winning potential.


Kendra, former playmate and Hugh Hefner....Girlfriend (?) didn't deliver the way I thought she would. Her overall style is sloppy and her performance was a little awkward to watch. Dancing With The Stars tends to cast at least one star for eye candy value and Kendra certainly fills this quota.


Romeo, formerly known as “Lil Romeo” was slated to appear on season 2 of Stars but had to back out due to an unexpected injury. Overall he danced well and the routine had good performance value, but as the judges expressed, Romeo has a lot to learn when it comes to the technical aspect. His posture was off as were some of his steps. I think he has a decent shot at cleaning up his moves and staying in the game though.


Petra Nemacova chose a strange song that left her performance no choice but to fall short. While others mostly chose fun upbeat music, Petra's Norah Jones selection really through her off her game. The songs pacing wasn't ideal for her performance and she certainly could have presented better had the music matched.


Sports star Hines Ward was a surprising favorite of the judges tonight. They couldn't get over how poised and in control he seemed. For being a self-proclaimed “terrible dancer” Hines definitely showed he has the skill to step it up in coming weeks.


As a fan of Wendy Williams' crazy rants, and larger than life personality meets drag queen makeup, I was excited to see her join the line-up. The judges seemed to tear her apart tonight, and this was fairly justified, considering the fiery, sassy Wendy we're used to definitely didn't shine in this round. She looked fearful and self-conscious, which is certainly a venture from the talk show diva we're used to.


Disney's Chelsea Kane, definitely had winning potential and the moves to win the show. The judges were without a doubt impressed by her moves and overall performance. It was technically quite impressive and she never missed a beat. Comments were mostly about technical presentation which could use a little work but wasn't bad for day 1.


My pick: Kirstey Alley, she's got the personality, performance, likability and the moves to win the whole thing.

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