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Who Gets Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?

Casey Abrams

1 of the top 8 American Idol contestants is getting eliminated tonight.


The 2011 American Idol contestants have all been quite strong this year, but one of them is getting their walking papers during tonight’s elimination episode and our predictions will help you figure out which talented performer will push the cast to just 7.  We’ll check out a few resources and then put the American Idol contestants into 3 categories to properly describe their chances of being eliminated tonight.


The Safe Group:


Scotty McCreery, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, and Lauren Alaina


McCreery has been the betting favorite the entire season at most online sportsbooks and figures to be the leading vote-getter once again.  Durbin’s choice no yesterday’s show was a little too metal for many viewers but he’s been one of the best all season long and is not at risk to go home.  Lusk seems to rub some people the wrong way but his vocals have been spot on and you can still get him at 16/1 odds to win American Idol if you think he can overcome the country’s seemed intolerance.  Alaina hasn’t been my favorite contestant this year but she’s been putting in strong performances and has a strong voting base that will keep her safe.  To top it all off, these 4 are the top 4 in the Dial Idol vote tracking that monitors that busy signal to make predictions on which contestant will be eliminated.


The Probably-Safe Group:


Casey Abrams


Abrams was shockingly eliminated earlier in the season before the judges brought him back, and he’s been phenomenal ever since he was given that second chance.  It scares me that he was even voted off in the first place after putting in nothing but great performances, but I can’t see America making the same mistake twice.


The Not-Safe Group:


Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone, Haley Reinhart


McDonald has been my least favorite singer for much of the competition, but the folks at VoteForTheWorst are championing him and the guy also has a female voting contingent that keeps him from getting eliminated.  Langone has been very good the entire year but seems to find himself in the bottom 3 quite often and might not be as polished as some of the other American Idol contestants.  Reinhart has been growing on me as the year has progressed but she’s another regular in the bottom 3 and American Idol can’t keep all of these awesome singers.


The Prediction:


Haley Reinhart


I hate to see her go because there isn’t a single American Idol contestant left in the top 8 other than McDonald that I’d be mad if they were crowned the 2011 winner, but Reinhart has consistently been near the bottom and the women from this season are simply not getting any votes.  McDonald should be leaving but his VoteForTheWorst bump will keep him safe for another week.


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