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Dancing with the Stars looking at last minute replacement?

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the stars, like Idol is known to have big guest performances like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, this week they may be searching for a last minute replacement.


Singer Chris Brown made headlines this week when he had a violent and destructive outburst in backstage on the Good Morning America set. Brown, who was arrested for brutally beating his then girlfriend, singing sensation Rihana, has spoken public ally about the incident. Then the host of GMA (which is a live program) started questioning Chris about Rihana and the case itself you could see him starting to go off the handle. His responses were strange and unapologetic, his answers self centered and angry. While audiences didn't get to witness what happened after cameras stopped rolling, witnesses say Brown's behavior was violent and dangerous, that the crew was forced to call 911 and that he took a chair and smashed it through a window sending shards of glass falling into the highly populated Time Square.


While Dancing With The Stars has not commented on whether Chris will be welcomed to perform at the upcoming show insiders believe that the reckless star may be banned from ABC all together. While the incident that occurred in 2009 was damaging to this career and personal life, Chris is now making it more than clear to everyone around him that he is incapable of keeping himself in control. The Dancing producers have a responsibility to protect their talent and staff and with a lunatic like this on the lose who knows what he'll do?


I think that ABC needs to flex some muscle here and show Brown that if he acts this way there will be consequence. A spot on the highly rated Dancing With The Stars, should be a privilege and not a right for someone who rips off their shirt in a fit of rage and continues down the street like nothing happened. This guy is clearly not showing any remorse for the GMA stunt or the Rihana case. It is rumored that the show will still go on as planned, which is disheartening considering the extremity of how Brown reacted. I guess we will see this Tuesday.

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