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Former NBA All Star Pleads Guilty to Writing Bad Checks to Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and Red Rock Casino are the recipients of bad checks written by former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker.


Antoine Walker, who won an NBA title with the Miami Heat in 2006, stiffed several casinos in Las Vegas by settling markers with worthless checks.


Casinos filed a criminal complaint against Walker in the summer of 2009. Walker made an effort to clear his gambling debts writing bad checks. Eventually all checks bounced, leaving the once famed player owing casinos in excess of $750,000.


Walker had pleaded not guilty to six counts of writing checks without sufficient funds with the attempt to defraud in June 2010. On Tuesday, he changed his plea to guilty to felony bad check charges, the Las Vegas Sun reports.


Avoiding to serve jail time is the rationale behind Walker's sudden change of heart. Instead, Walker is to be placed on probation while working to pay his outstanding gambling debts.


Antoine Walker is not new to money management issues. On May 18, 2010, the past NBA All-Star filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of Florida with total assets of $4.3 million and debts of $12.7 million.


Antoine Walker now plays with the Idaho Stampede of the NBA Development League.


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