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Hyundai Motor Workers Arrested for Gambling During Office Hours

Scores of employees at the South Korea car maker Hyundai Motor plant of Ulsan have been arrested by police for gambling online during office hours.


Arrests originated after Hyundai Motor reported results of an internal audit to the South Korean Police. The sixty-day long investigation discovered that almost 100 employees of the car manufacturer had been gambling online during office hours.


South Korean Police is seeking arrest warrants for four more individuals identified as "high rollers". The gang of four, probably part of the company's management, is said to have wagered close to USD 300,000 between early 2009 and the spring of 2010.


South Koreans are permitted to gamble inside one land based casino throughout the country. The only casino opened to South Koreans is located in Kangwon Land, in Gangwon Province of South Korea.


Like other forms of gambling, including gambling in a foreign land based casinos, online gambling is strictly prohibited in South Korea. If caught, gamblers face massive fines and imprisonment.


Despite the severity of the law, millions of South Koreans gamble online.


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