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Raiders, 49ers Plan to Share Stadium Gains Momentum

The Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers plan to share a stadium gains momentum, following what Al Davis said to a Bay Area News Group reporter.


In the pipeline for few years, the idea of the two NFL teams to join forces and share a common facility seem to be taking a new push forward following what the Raiders' owner told the Media on Wednesday.


Al Davis said that the Raiders have a "terrific relationship" with the 49ers, and "an open mind" about a two-team stadium, for the right deal in the right location.


The shared stadium system is a proven success. In 2010, the New York Giants and the New York Jets moved into their new location, the New Meadowlands Stadium.


In these tough economic times, every decision must be made with judgement and must be cost effective. Bay Area News Group columnist Tim Kawakami revealed this week that the new NFL agreement will hold a pool of loan funds to help fund a Northern California stadium. Everybody noticed the fact that the NFL is talking about one stadium. Just like everybody knows that no new stadium can be built in this day and age without NFL financial assistance in the form of loans.


The choice of location of the new infrastructure will probably come down to either Santa Clara or Oakland. Santa Clara appears to be the favourite at this time given that voters already approved the new stadium project. The Oakland option is still little more than wishful thinking. Oakland new stadium project is still in the extremely early stages and still lacks the environmental impact assessment.

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