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5Dimes Shark Tank Poker Room permanent 27% rake back

5Dimes Shark Tank Poker RoomEvery Poker player's dream come true at 5Dimes Shark Tank Poker Room, now permanently paying back 27% of Tourney Fees and Rake.

5Dimes Shark Tank software gives smoother gameplay, less disconnects and faster paced action to die for. And that's just for starters.

The mesmerizing  Shark Tank Poker Room features cascading tables allowing to play as many tables as possible and straddle tables where the traddler has the last option to make his decision pre-flop.  

Bounty/Knockout Tournaments, Short Handed Tournaments, and Time Based Tournaments give poker players endless options.

Can it get better than this? Of course it does. The Shark Tank Poker Room offers an array of promos exclusive to 5Dimes players, including the possibility of hitting Las Vegas this summer for the World Series of Poker Main Event for just one penny with 5Dimes Spin to Get In.

Join the 5Dimes Shark Tank Poker Room today.


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