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College Football Picks explained

College FootballGridiron betting is one of the most popular ways to wager in the world and we wanted to give some of the more novice handicappers a few tips in a segment called “College Football Picks explained”.


Each year, millions of people put in their college football picks and we figured we’d go over the betting options and offer some quick tips to those who are interested in sports betting but may not have the know-how to jump right into making college football picks.  We’ll start with the basic ways to make college football picks before we move on to a few pointers for first-time sports bettors.


The simplest ways to make college football picks are on the point spread, the money line, and the total.  The point spread will be the amount of points one team is favored over the other and “Alabama -7 -110, Florida +7 -110” is an example of what it will look like.  In this case, Alabama is favored to win by 7 points and you can tell the point spread betting favorite by seeing which team has the “-“ symbol in front of their number.  In this example, a winning bet on Alabama would mean that the Crimson Tide won their game by more than 7 points, while winning college football picks on Florida would mean that the Gators won outright or lost by less than 7.  The “-110” after each number in the point spread indicates you’d have to risk an average of $110 to win $100 on your college football picks, though you can always bet less or more.


A money line bet is a way to avoid the point spread and just make your college football picks on the side you think will win.  The odds for college football picks in this example would look like “Alabama -300, Florida +270” with the “-“once again indicating the team that is favored.  In this example, you’d have to risk $300 to win $100 on Alabama while a wager on Florida would mean that $100 would win you $270 if the Gators pull off the upset.  As in the previous example, the dollar amounts are just examples, as you can wager whatever you wish.


The total is one of my personal favorite ways to make college football picks. The total looks like this: “Alabama/Florida Over/Under 43 -110”.  This means that you are betting on whether or not the combined scores of both teams go over or under 43.  No matter which side you choose, the “-110” indicates that you’d have to risk an average of $110 to win $100 on your college football picks.  A game that finishes on exactly 43 points means that it’s a push and you get your money back (the same if the spread falls exactly on the number).


A few quick tips for college football picks involve monitoring injuries, figuring out how each side matches up against the style of the other, handicapping in the weather (rain or snow generally make for low-scoring games), and doing your best to bet at the right time to maximize your profit.  You’ll pick it up as you go along and we hope that this basic rundown of college football picks is enough to get you on the road to sports betting success.


Understanding college football picks can help you pick winners more consistently overall. Here are a few tips and pointers to make sure you get the best value when placing your college football picks.


First off, the bigger name schools are bet on much more than the smaller schools and you have to figure this into the equation when making college football picks.  Perennial title contenders like USC, Texas, Ohio State, and Alabama are going to see a ton of public money and you’ll want to make your bets early if you like a squad that appears to be a darling of the betting masses.  If you like the team playing these schools, it’s probably a good idea to wait until right before kick-off to get the best value on your college football picks.


Another thing you need to monitor with college football picks is injuries.  The loss of a big name player like a quarterback or running back shifts the betting odds quite a bit, but there are further injuries that could play an even bigger part in the outcome that simply go unnoticed.  For example, an offensive lineman missing a game will lead to smaller holes for the running back and less time to throw for the quarterback.  Make sure to monitor the injured players for both teams before making your college football picks, because you can get great value by betting against teams with missing unheralded players.  The odds simply don’t adjust as much for the big guys in the trenches, but they matter a ton when it comes to the final score.  The same goes for defensive linemen that have the potential to alter a game.


Next up on our list of ways to get the best value on your college football picks is to make sure that you don’t put too much weight on the last game for either squad.  I see people put a ton of emphasis on the form a team displayed on their last time out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything when it comes to college football picks unless the matchup in the current game is against a team that plays a similar style.  Just because Ball State struggled to stop East Carolina (running team with a bit of pass) doesn’t mean they’ll also struggle to stop North Texas (spread passing team).  Every week is different, and you’ll see better results if you compare previous games against teams with similar offenses when making college football picks instead of just using a blanket system of throwing everyone into the same category.


Lastly, another way to figure out which way the odds will move to ensure top value on your college football picks is to find out who the touts are on.  I consider paying for picks a huge waste of money, but the fact of the matter is that they convince many unsuspecting gamblers to follow them blindly despite the fact that many are long-term losers when it comes to college football picks.  All these bettors then make a wager and adjust the odds, and you’ll get a nicer number if you find the tout’s picks listed for free online.  If you like the same side as the tout, make your college football picks right away because the line is likely to move against you.  If you prefer the other side, let the masses push the odds in your favor for a bit before you take the plunge on your bet.

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