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Live Betting Tutorial

Live Betting can make you winMaking sports betting picks during the game is becoming one of the most popular ways to wager, and we’ve created a live betting tutorial to ensure our readers know what they are doing before taking the in-game plunge.


The main reason that sports enthusiasts love live betting is the fact that they are able to see how the teams match up in real time before making a wager.  How many times have you bet on a squad, only to see them come out completely flat and looking like they all ate a bad batch of seafood?  Wouldn’t you like a chance to see how your squad looks before making a bet?  That’s exactly the allure that live betting presents.


Beyond just seeing how a certain side looks before betting on them, you can get some terrific values in live betting.  Say the Cowboys are playing the Chiefs in a regular season NFL game and Dallas is a 14.5-point favorite to start the contest.  Kansas City then returns the opening kickoff for a score and then intercepts Tony Romo and brings it all the way.  It’s still early in the game and with the Cowboys down 14-0, it doesn’t look like they have much of a chance of covering that original point spread.


If you venture into live betting at this point in the game, you could likely get a bet in on Dallas +3 if you think that the opening errors were simply random mistakes that won’t happen again.  These are the times when live betting is a huge advantage because you can make a wager on the Cowboys if you think they are truly a much better team than the Chiefs.  You have to pick and choose your spots, but I personally feel that live betting makes it easier to bet. You have more confidence when you have a chance to see the team perform – even if it’s just for a single drive.


Additionally, some teams are just slow-starters or great at coming back in games, and that is what makes live betting so profitable.  You can never count out a quick-scoring team like the Colts or the Saints, and it’s a great idea to place a live bet on them if either squad happens to get down early.  They can both put a few touchdowns on the board in a single quarter and then you have used live betting to make a wager that you are incredibly likely to win.


Live betting options are not limited to the point spread as you can also wager on the final total.  One of my favorite live betting opportunities to pursue in the NFL is when two great defenses are playing and there are special teams or defensive touchdowns in the early going.  Both of these instances are fairly rare and it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t think either offense is going to move the ball a lick.  Instead of having to bet on “under 32” before the game, you are offered “under 42” with 3 quarters left.


The scoreboard doesn’t always tell the full story and that is one of the easiest ways to explain how live betting can make you a ton of money if you are capable of breaking down the situation and figuring out how the teams are likely to play the rest of the game.


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