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Sports Picks – What to Take into Account When Making Your Picks

Sports Picks can make you WinSome betting tips pertain to all sports picks and we thought it’s important to recap what to take into account when deciding on your final selections.  The follow pointers are for all sports picks and you should follow these general rules no matter what you choose to wager on.


The single most important factor when making your sports picks would be to get the best odds.  The sportsbook takes out a small amount for themselves on each wager you make, and that makes the percentage of wins you have to accumulate just a tick higher.  You can make up for a loss or two by getting the best betting odds and we’ll do a demonstration below to prove our point.


Below are two examples.  The first is a bettor who wagers $100 a game whose sports picks go 60-40 while betting at odds of around -120 on average.  The second bettor goes 58-42, bets $100, and wagers on the many of the same games but gets an average of -108 odds each time he bets.  It’s actually the second bettor’s sports picks that make more money, as his profit of $1,264 is more than the bettor with the superior record who only banks $1,200.  That small difference in betting odds could be the difference between winning and losing money, so don’t underestimate this factor of sports betting.


Getting the best odds with your sports picks is easier said than done.  Some good ground rules are to bet on popular teams and teams you expect to be bet on heavily by the public early.  Lock in your wager at a number before the public pushes it from -108 to -120.  If you like a team or teams that you think the public won’t wager on heavily, wait a while for the number to move in your direction before taking the plunge.  Timing is a huge factor that is commonly overlooked when making sports picks.


Beyond getting the best odds, another important thing to consider when making your sports picks would be to monitor early line moves.  You have to consider that the guys who plunk down large amounts of money as soon as the odds come out are the ones that do this professionally and make good money on their sports picks.  If the Patriots open at -3 against the Raiders and an hour later Oakland is favored by a point, you should avoid the Patriots no matter how easy you think they will have it.  Early line moves aren’t always right but they are a good indicator of a bet to avoid when you are on the fence about your potential sports picks.


Sports picks should be carefully thought out and considered before putting in a bet.  Check out all the factors that you think might influence a game and don’t let anything pass you by.  Monitor injuries, review recent performances and past team-against-team historical performances, and keep an eye out for weather conditions.  It’s these small things that separate the winners from losers and we hope our pointers will help out your sports picks and turn you into the proven winner you are capable of being.


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